Friday, December 17, 2010

Biography of Senthamizhan Seeman


Name: Seeman
Sex: Male


Sen'tamizhan Seeman (Sebastian Seeman), better known mononymously as Seeman, is a Tamil film director and actor in Tamil Nadu, India. He is a well known Tamil activist and one of the open supporters for oppressed tamils in TamilNadu and Srilanka Separate Tamil Eelam

Early life and career
Seeman born at Aranaiyur village near Paramakudi Town in Ramnad District , Tamil Nadu, India. After a few years of working with director Balu Mahendra as an assistant, he began working in Tamil films as a director with his first film being Panchalankurichi in 1997 with Prabhu Ganesan in the lead.
He later directed Iniyavalae and Veeranadai the consecutive two years. He directed Thambi in 2006 which was critically acclaimed. His latest film was Vaazhthugal which released in 2008.Seeman has sound background in karate, Silambam and other types of martial arts.

As of 2007, he began his acting career, debuting in the film Pori. Since, he has essayed supporting roles in films like Evano Oruvan and Mayandi Kudumbathar.

Seeman has met with numerous controversies, largely linked to his support of the Tamil Tigers and its leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Hunger strike arrest
On 24 October 2008, Seeman was arrested after taking part in a rally condemning state atrocities against Tamils in Sri Lanka, organized by director Bharathiraja, also a Tamil activist, and other prominent Tamil directors, actors, and producers. The rally was part of statewide protests across Tamil Nadu in 2008 condemning the Government of Sri Lanka's role in the Sri Lankan Civil War.

During the rally, Seeman and fellow director Ameer Sultan made speeches criticizing the Indian government and expressing support to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a Tamil separatist group on the island which has been alleged as a "terrorist group" by India and many other countries. The two were later released on bail with the help of their assistant directors, Bharathiraja, and actor R. Sarath Kumar.

Deportation from Canada
Seeman attended several Maaveerar Day events in Toronto, Canada on 27 November 2009 and delivered an anti-Sinhalese and pro-Tamil Tiger speeches and also announced the launch of a new movement called "We are Tamils" (Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam).

The RCMP (The Royal Canadian Mounted Police) arrested him after he delivered a hate-speech against the Sinhalese ("not a single Sinhalese should live") in a speech to the Canadian Tamil Youth and deported him back to India. Following Seeman's deportation was the fire-bombing of the residence of E. V. K. S. Elangovan by a few individuals, including an unnamed assistant film director.

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