Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Justice Reghupathi refuses to join issue on Raja

Chennai: Former Madras High Court Judge Justice S Reghupathi on Tuesday thanked Supreme Court Judge Justice H L Gokhale for his statement on the controversy surrounding allegation that the former Union Minister A Raja tried to influence him in a criminal case.

"I am thankful to Justice Gokhale (who was then Chief Justice of Madras High Court when the purported incident occurred)," Reghupathi said, without elaborating.
"I am not supposed to react. I did not make the issue public even at the time of the incident since I wanted to uphold the dignity of the legal fraternity. It applies to me today even after retirement," he told PTI. 

He refused to join issue with former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan, who had last week denied that Raja's name was in the report sent by the then Madras High Court Chief Justice Gokhale. 

Gokhale today contradicted Balakrishnan's claim that he was not aware that it was Raja who had tried to influence Justice Reghupathi in a case and said he had clearly referred to Raja's name in his letter to Justice Balakrishnan. 

Justice Reghupati said his action of not joining issue on the controversy was not driven by fear but the need to uphold the court's dignity. 

He said only jurists can comment on the issue and not himself. 

Asked why he did not take action on the issue when he was a judge, Justice Reghupati said as a judge he was bound to maintain dignity and decorum of the position.

"We are not not expected to go to the media. Even at that time I kept quiet," he told reporters adding he had put everything in his letter to the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court. 

When asked for details, he said it was part of the records and it was for media to get the letters from authorities concerned. 

"Everything has become true. Absolutely correct. Majesty of law and truth will prevail," he said in reply to questions. 

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