Thursday, March 24, 2011

AIADMK Election Manifesto 2011 - Jayalalitha releases Election Manifesto 2011 - Therthal Arikai AIADMK - ADMK 2011 Election Sops - Free Fan Laptop Mixer Grinder

AIADMK Supremo Jayalalitha today released election manifesto today in Trichy after filing nomination.

Free Mixie, Fan & Grinder to women

Free Laptop for +1 (plus one) & +2 (plus two) students

20 kg free rice all ration card holders

- Free Bus passes for senior citizens to travel within and nearby towns

- 20 litre free mineral water for those Below Poverty Line (BPL)

- Rs. 1.8 Lakh Green house for poor

- 3 cent land for landless poor

- Hospital on wheels to villages

- Caste Certificate and other certificate will be given in schools itself

- 4 set uniform & footwear for Government school students

4 gram gold free for Women Mangalyam

- Sottu Neer Pasanam free for all farmers

- Power theft to checked through ex-service personnel

- 60,000 cows for 6000 villages to increase milk production

Solar Power for houses and street lights in villages


  1. A very wonderful manifesto given by ex Chief Minister.
    Lot of development measures are there. Its Highly beneficial to all young generation and women.Green house concept is new to our country.A great thinking towards white revolution. A motherly concern for old age people with beautiful schemes.

  2. Point 1,2,3 should be removed, Government should not encourage free things which leads laziness instead government should aid the hard working people and improving conditionds for those people who work hard.

    -Rs. 1.8 Lakh Green house for poor
    Comment same as above
    --Hospital on wheels to villages
    --Caste Certificate and other certificate will be given in schools itself
    --Power theft to checked through ex-service personnel

    This is very good option

    -- 60,000 cows for 6000 villages to increase milk production
    Instead of giving it for free , Good breed cows can be given at reduced rates

    --Sottu Neer Pasanam free for all farmers
    Ok but Instead build check dams and more lakes and reservoirs to save water during rainy season which can be used when needed.

  3. jayalalitha got mad like chandrababu naidu.thats why she is releasing all free manifesto. Dont ruin MGR name pls make manifesto beneficial for state not in the mind to get power in any way.

  4. Freebies have now become a trend among the politicians.
    I have a similar post, why don't you look at it too,
    DMK and AIADMK Election Manifesto 2011-Will these freebies improve the lifestyle?

  5. its very excellent for students those who are interest in studies that to computer science students

  6. Dr. Puratchi Thalaivi has issued excellent election manifesto 2011 for state legislative election. I think AIADMK and its alliance win overall 180 seats in tamilnadu. What about GUEST LECTURERS issue? May i want to know in this regarding? We pray for AMMA to become a next CHIEF MINISTER in tamilnadu.

  7. so many free gift but tamilnadu people has to sell their property to get higher education because more than 75% student are studing in self finance arts&science college . so amma please announce after AIADMK form the ministry step by step salary grant will given to self finance arts&science college then poor get real free higher education

  8. It is difficult to understand where we are moving? Government should think of providing skill development programme for rural people by setting up institutes through which people can earn their livelyhood for the whole life instead of freebies.


  10. This is Rajkumar from kasikuttai(village)near vellore dist.
    we like ur free scheme but rural person does not get higher education becasuse engg and medical college ask lot of we kindly request to u please change this way education........

  11. its very good....but in the early manifesto it is announced that laptops will be given to college students also but its not given here...i don't know whether its a typing error or this s true??????

  12. Would like to know wheather cbse +1 and +2 students will also be getting free laptop under free scheme announced by our Honb'le chief minister

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  14. Tamil nadu has been turned into a state of beggars/freeloaders with people running around collecting free things!! TN definitely has the worst leaders. No other state in India has such freebees. Sheer waste of tax payers money!

  15. Why Chief Minister Jayalalitha has no concern for the Kanyakumari people, where she has no idea to construct an Major Port at Colachel meant for trade and commerce. She wants to develop the minor port meant for fishing alone, which was not even functioning. My Petition to construct a Major Port at Colachel, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu towards the State &Union Government of India.

  16. @kumar , y should they provide laptops for cbse students .....they are already well off