Monday, March 28, 2011

Jaya lacks a credible past, says Ramadoss

He may have lost his post at the all powerful union health ministry but Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, who continues his crusade against the tobacco and liquor lobby, is still a show 
Donning the roles of PMK youth wing secretary and chief poll strategist of the party, Dr Ramadosss has been very active these days. He has spent the last year in reviving the party base and to bring back the Vanniyar youth into party fold. He spoke to DC:
Q The ruling DMK and rival AIADMK have unleashed a war of freebies…
It’s wrong to equate both the manifestos. The AIADMK wants to make shepherds and cowherds of our young children by offering them free goats and cows whereas the DMK gives priority to educating our youngsters. The DMK provides free education to pursue professional courses and has promised to waive educational loans.
As a social movement we are asking our people to give quality education to their kids. But if they were given goats and cows by the government, as promised by Ms Jayalalithaa, will they send their wards to schools?
Q You had strained relations with the DMK and VCK, a dalit party, in the past. How will the alliance with them work in the field?
It is essentially an alliance of social justice. We have a common goal and largely share identical ideology. On the contrary, the rival AIADMK alliance is of actors. The company of Kollywood stars would not work. There is a better understanding between cadres of our party and the DMK and VCK. We will sweep the polls.
Q How are your prospects…
People know Ms Jayalalithaa’s past. They also know chief minister M. Karunanidhi. DMK government’s welfare schemes have reached the common man. People are acknowledging the good work, be it housing scheme or free ambulance service, done by the DMK regime.
I can see a wave in favour of DMK. People have not forgoten the recruitment ban, anti-conversion law and withdrawal of free power supply by Ms Jayalalithaa’s regime. She does not have a credible past. Even two months ago she criticised distribution of freebies. People will not believe her.

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