Monday, March 28, 2011

TIPC to withdraw all its 140 candidates

In a sudden U-turn, the Tirupur Industrial Protection Committee (TIPC) has decided to withdraw the nominations of all the 140 candidates it fielded as Independents in Tirupur North constituency.
“We have taken this decision following assurances from both the DMK and the AIADMK that the Committee's demand for a direct takeover of the effluent treatment and its discharge in the dyeing process of apparel production by the State itself would be considered favourably soon after the elections,” TIPC president R. Annadurai said.
The decision to field a large number of candidates was taken by the TIPC only to draw attention to the crisis in Tirupur owing to the closure of the dyeing units by a Madras High Court order.
The TIPC was viewed with scepticism as the Committee was an unregistered outfit (even till now) and emerged only after the election dates were announced. The Dyers Association of Tirupur (DAT) had already distanced itself from the TIPC.

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