Robot (Endhiran) Movie Review

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Robot (Endhiran)
Robot (Endhiran)

Director: S. Shankar 
Star Cast: Rajnikant, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Danny Denzongpa, Karunas, Santhanam, Kalabhavan Mani
Robot is an entertainment package which gives its viewers a tour throughout an imaginative world and once the movie gets over the feeling that crosses the mind is “wow!” This movie is far far away from the real world and deals with facts which seems real only in our imaginations. People who are looking for a sensational, meaty plot movie can avoid it because this movie is completely an entertaining science-fiction movie filled with action.
The first part of the movie is very interesting with all its special effects. However, the second half of the flick looks a bit stretched. But, even if the plot seems unrealistic, who cares when superstar Rajinikanth is the lead star. Rajinikanth rules the audience’s minds in this movie by playing a double role. His one role involves Dr. Vasi who is the creator of a robot, Chitti and the role of Chitti is also played by Rajinikanth. Chitti is a machine but he has been infused with human emotions by his creator (which turns out to be a big mistake).
The problem starts when the beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who plays the role of Dr. Vasi’s girlfriend Sana comes in picture. Chitti, the robot who has been gifted with man-like emotions by his master falls in love with Sana. But, Sana only feels that Chitti is nothing but a toy and that is when the flick takes a twist.
Chitti becomes uncontrolled as he wants to live the life of a human and so chaos follows after that with the mix and match of Rajnikanth, machine powers and movie masala sprinkled over it, the movie becomes very entertaining.
Some of the songs of the flick are quite good which includes Machu Picchu with the location and picturisation of the song being very appealing. There are so many things in the movie that comes one after another that at one point it becomes tiring. The movie runs with a high pace with some stunning special effects which is said to have been put in by the technicians who even worked for the famous Jurassic Park.
But, one thing is for sure when you leave the movie hall Chitti’s thought will follow because he is just too appealing with some flashy clothes, excellent special effects and also awesome makeup. And, what else is expected when Chitti is none other than Rajnikanth because this superstar really makes a mark of himself in every project he puts his hand on.
Verdict: Must watch, if you are looking for an entertaining flick with famous Rajnikanth in it!