Tuesday, March 29, 2011


213.   Vilathikulam                                     Thoothukkudi District      

Total Votes   1,72,477                  
INC                             Perumalsami
AIADMK                    V.V.Markandeyan        AIADMK Leads     

214.   Thoothukkudi                                 Thoothukkudi District      

Total Votes   2,09,128                  
DMK                           P. Geetha Jeevan
AIADMK                    Si.Tha.Chellapandian     AIADMK Leads               

215.   Tiruchendur                                     Thoothukkudi District      

Total Votes   1,86,629                  
DMK                           Anitha R Radhakrishnan
AIADMK                    P.R.Manoharan
BJP                              Rajagopal                     DMK Leads 

216.   Srivaikuntam                                   Thoothukkudi District      

Total Votes   1,72,813                  
INC                             Sudalayandi
AIADMK                    S.P.Shanmuganathan
BJP                              S.Selvaraj              AIADMK Leads 

217.   Ottapidaram (SC)                           Thoothukkudi District      

Total Votes   1,63,343                  
DMK                           Raja
PT                               Dr.Krishnaswamy         PT Leads      

218.   Kovilpatti                                          Thoothukkudi District      

Total Votes   1,77,346                  
PMK                           K.Ramachandran
AIADMK                    Kadambur S.Raju
BJP                              V.Rangarajan              AIADMK Leads 

219.   Sankarankovil (SC)                                    Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,87,862                  
DMK                           Uma Maheshwari
AIADMK                    S.Karuppaswamy
AINMK                       P.Suppulakshmi           AIADMK Leads 

220.   Vasudevanallur (SC)                      Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,82,377                  
INC                             Ganesan
AIADMK                    S.Duraiappan
AINMK                       Pichaikani                    AIADMK Leads 

221.   Kadayanallur                                   Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   2,09,446                  
INC                             Peter Alphonse
AIADMK                    P.Senthur Pandian       INC Leads      

222.   Tenkasi                                              Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   2,11,903                  
DMK                           Karupasamy Pandian
SMK                           R. Sarathkumar
AINMK                       Paramasivam               SMK Leads 

223.   Alangulam                                        Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,99,597                  
DMK                           Poongothai Aladiaruna
AIADMK                    P.G.Rajendran
BJP                              Sudalayandi        AIADMK Leads             

224.   Tirunelveli                                        Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,96,331                  
DMK                           A. L. S. Lakshmanan
AIADMK                    Nayinar Nagendran
BJP                              G.Murugadoss      AIADMK Leads       

225.   Ambasamudram                            Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,89,562                  
DMK                           R. Avudaiyappan
AIADMK                    Isakki Suppiah              DMK Leads       

226.   Palayamkottai                                 Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,88,572                  
DMK                           T. P. M. Mohideen Khan
CPI(M)                       Pazhani                          DMK Leads 

227.   Nanguneri                                        Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,87,196                  
INC                             Vasantha Kumar
SMK                           A.Narayanan               INC Leads        

228.   Radhapuram                                   Tirunelveli District 

Total Votes   1,89,559                  
INC                             Velthurai
DMDK                        S.Rayappan             DMDK Leads 

229.   Kanniyakumari                               Kanniyakumari District    

Total Votes   2,33,692                  
DMK                           N. Suresh Rajan
AIADMK                    K.T.Pachaimal           AIADMK Leads         

230.   Nagercoil                                          Kanniyakumari District    

Total Votes   2,04,520                  
DMK                           R.Mahesh
AIADMK                    Nanjil.N.Murugesan
BJP                              Pon Radhakrishnan   AIADMK Leads 

231.   Colachal                                            Kanniyakumari District    

Total Votes   2,23,716                  
INC                             G.J. Prince
AIADMK                    Lawrence                 AIADMK Leads 

232.   Padmanabhapuram                      Kanniyakumari District    

Total Votes   2,03,384                  
DMK                           Pushpaleela Alban
DMDK                        S.Austin
BJP                              Sujith                        DMDK Leads    

233.   Vilavancode                                     Kanniyakumari District    

Total Votes   2,04,169                  
INC                             Vijaya Tharani
CPI(M)                       Leema Rose
BJP                              R.Jeyaseelan           CPI(M) Leads 

234.   Killiyoor                                             Kanniyakumari District    

Total Votes   2,09,693                  
INC                             John Jacob
AIADMK                    George                    AIADMK Leads 


BJP accuses Thangkabalu of securing seat through backdoor

Chennai, Mar 29 : The Bharatiya Janata Party today accused TNCC Chief K V Thangkabalu of securing a seat through the backdoor to contest the April 13 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls.

Talking to reporters here, BJP spokesperson S R Sekhar said Mr Thangkabalu had used his wife as a tool to secure a seat by betraying AICC President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

He said Mr Thangkabalu had deliberately ensured that the nomination of his wife Jayanthi Thangkabalu, the official candidate of the Congress for the Mylapore seat, was rejected.

The affidavits of both Mr Thangkabalu, and his wife were prepared by the same Notary Public.

Ms Jayanthi's papers were filed deliberately without her signature in two nomination papers, resulting in its rejection, to enable Mr Thangkabalu to contest the seat, he charged.

Since various groups in the Congress would certainly oppose his candidature, Mr Thankgabalu used his wife's name to get a seat through backdoor means.

Mr Sekhar said Mr Thangkabalu had entered the fray to secure a Cabinet berth, in the event of DMK heading a coalition regime after the polls, to protect his educational institutions and the TV channel. However, he would not succeed in his efforts.

He also urged the Election Commission to look into complaints of wrongful disclosure of assets declared by Vellore Congress MLA C Gnanasekaran and take appropriate action on it.

Mr Sekhar said the Opposition alliance headed by the AIADMK, was a front comprising parties of divergent views and it would be very difficult for them to function if they win the polls.

He said the BJP's popularity has increased significantly and the party would win doube digit seats in the polls.

Senior national leaders like Party President Nitin Gadkari, L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi would campaign in the state.

No links with Kalaignar TV: Karunanidhi

Chennai, Mar 29 : Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK president M Karunanidhi today said he had no links with the Kalaignar TV, which has come under the CBI scanner, probing the money trail in the multi-crore 2G spectrum scam involving former Telecom Minister A Raja.

In an interview to a private national satellite TV channel, Mr Karunanidhi said only the channel was named after him and two of his family members, his son and wife, hold 20 and 60 per cent stakes respectively in it.

"Apart from this, I have no right or stakes in the Kalaignar TV. I did not own the channel," he said, adding, linking the TV channel to the 2G Scam was unfair.

Mr Karunanidhi said, "Some amount was taken as loan by the channel and it was paid back with interest. Necessary Income-Tax

1153 nominations rejected

Chennai, Mar 28: A total of 1153 nominations filed for the April 13 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls, were rejected when the papers were taken up for scrutiny.

The papers rejected were mostly filed by independent candidates for want of required details, while papers filed by leaders of various political parties, including Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa were found in order.

In all, 4,228 candidates had filed their nomination papers and the number of candidates to be left in the fray would be known on April 30, the last date for withdrawal.

Surprisingly, papers filed by Ms Jayanthi Thangkabalu, wife of TNCC President K V Thangkabalu, to seek election from Mylapore constituency in the city, were rejected as she did not sign in the papers.

The papers filed by Mr Thangkalabu as dummy candidate, were, however, found in order. It remains to be seen, whether he will become the official candidate.

The papers filed by PMK nominee to seek election Vedaranyam were also rejected on scrutiny.

The election officials heaved a sigh of relief as 91 papers filed by the members of the Tiruppur Industrial Protection Committee (TIPC) in Tirupur North, to express their anger over loss of jobs due to closure of dyeing units were rejected.

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